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The world of work has changed a lot in recent years. New York is becoming more and more of an issue. One of the reasons for this is that the younger generation values ​​things differently than employees did two to three decades ago.

Compensation or New Pay

Although the previous remuneration system is becoming increasingly outdated, it is still normal in most companies that each employee receives an individual salary or that salaries depend on the department. However, there are now companies that treat remuneration differently. Transparency and fairness count here. Some companies have started to set a salary for all employees. If someone asks for a higher salary, the person must be able to justify the new salary before anyone else. Everyone then votes on whether the person gets a higher salary. Since every employee influences remuneration with this method, envy can be prevented. In addition, of course, this greatly increases transparency within a company.  

Even transparent salaries are a big step in and of themselves. Because when it comes to remuneration, most companies have had a hard time and are sticking to old systems. However, since the desire for transparency and new salaries is increasing, employers will have to deal with this new work trend sooner or later because younger people think a lot and question everything. The interest in each other’s salary is greater than in the older generations. It is discussed openly. And that should also be the case with compensation in the company. 

The legislator has already given some thought to the transparency of salaries. However, these regulations are very extensive and must be assessed individually.  

But money is no longer the only factor these days. Of course, salary is always important and a factor in choosing a job. However, young people now value other types of compensation almost as much. Examples include:

  • Free parking spaces at the workplace.
  • Free company bicycles for employees who live nearby.
  • Vouchers for specific occasions.

Because even if the salary may not be as high as desired, these factors can positively affect the choice of job. Every concession, every addition to the actual salary, no matter how small, promotes a good mood among the employees and thus also motivation and productivity. 

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Flexible Working Hours

Another important point that many employers already offer is flexible working hours. The normal “9 to 5” job can no longer be found in every company. The employees want to determine their working hours themselves. However, this is not just a new work trend but has been trying for a long time to implement. Employees with young children, in particular, benefit from this. For example, working hours can be reconciled with childcare. But this also benefits childless employees. Because some are more productive early in the morning, others later in the afternoon or even in the evening, each employee can adjust working hours to when productivity is highest. This is also a point that increases motivation.

Four-Day Week

Concentration can quickly disappear with a working day of at least eight hours and five times a week. Toyota, therefore, introduced the 6-hour day as a test. And with success. The turnover of the plant even increased. With a 40-hour week, we might be physically present all the time. But after a while, our concentration wanes. When the work week is shorter, many unnecessary coffee breaks or conversations are no longer taken. Everyone knows that there is less time and tries to use this time. Many companies have now opted for reduced working hours, mostly with success. The fact that we work from Monday to Friday is also part of an outdated work system. So if you want your employees to be highly concentrated throughout their work, you should consider the option of only four working days a week or reconsider the daily working hours. In addition, one should consider when young people are new to a company and have never worked full-time before, 40 hours a week can be daunting. With a shorter but more productive working time, they are much more likely to be enthusiastic.

Home Office/Remote Work

In addition to the working hours, the place of work also plays a major role. Thanks to digitization, it is no longer necessary for all employees to sit together in one place. Since flexibility is a big point in the context of New York, home office and remote work are important New Work trends. 

Those who can work from home are now getting the chance to do so in some companies. Many people who apply for jobs pay close attention to whether a home office is possible. Because this way of working has many advantages: Firstly, it is more environmentally friendly than struggling through traffic by car every day. Parents also benefit here because children and work can be better combined. Because there are no distractions from colleagues or other people, many can concentrate better at home. Everyone should be able to decide for themselves where productivity is highest. This is also the principle of remote work. The point here is that everyone can work wherever they are. Whether in a café, from home or during a train journey. 

Coach Instead of The Boss

Imagine that you are no longer given every work step but have great freedom of action and can decide in which direction a project you are working on develops. In addition, there are no real managers in your company but rather act as coaches and support. Inconceivably? This has already been implemented in some companies. The employees have much greater freedom of choice and bear more responsibility. This makes it possible to focus more on the projects; everyone tries to get the best out of it. This concept promotes and uses the creativity of the employees. If all decisions always depend on the same people at the top, there will be a lack of new ideas at some point. However, if everyone brainstorms and manages the projects, everyone can contribute ideas. In this way, new approaches can emerge that would not have been possible.
In general, many younger people want more participation and freedom of choice. They don’t want to join a company after twelve years of school or an apprenticeship and then just obey orders. You want to be creative, be able to contribute ideas and have a say in decisions. With this concept, that can be offered. Only to obey orders. You want to be creative, be able to contribute ideas and have a say in decisions. With this concept, that can be offered. Only to obey orders. You want to be creative, be able to contribute ideas and have a say in decisions. With this concept, that can be offered.

Better Working Atmosphere

A very important aspect, perhaps one of the most important trends, is the working atmosphere. This includes various points. Starting with dealing with the employees. If everyone is polite and friendly with each other, and if you can have short private conversations in between, everyone prefers to come to work in the morning. Nobody likes a bad atmosphere in the office. In addition, there is the office equipment. In many companies, the employees set up the office with the management staff. Everyone should feel comfortable and be able to design their workplace; then, motivation will be greater. Lots of light, large windows and, above all, plants give the office a more homely character and raise the spirits within the team. Especially when new employees join, they immediately feel welcome. So that colleagues can get to know each other better and understand each other better, New Work activities should take place outside of working hours. After-work activities strengthen team spirit. So just eat something with your team after work, go to a bar, play mini golf or something similar. That can make a difference.

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