The Star Strategy To Unite Teams – What Is Team Building?


Surely you have heard of a very fashionable term in companies, Team Building. This article will analyze what this type of activity consists of and the benefits it can bring to the organization. Since then, Team Building has evolved so that it has become a key trend within the strategy of any organization.

The concept of Team Building had its origins in 1920 when the British psychologist William McDougal published his book “The group mind,” He spoke about the importance of forming workgroups and the conditions for them to join. Both managers and employees can participate in this type of activity. This theory is reinforced by other studies that show the direct relationship between group cohesion and productivity.

We start from the basis that the team is a fundamental piece of any company. Without a cohesive team aligned with the strategy, achieving the objectives is impossible. On some occasions, the groups do not work with the desired level of efficiency because there is a hostile work environment or because the communication between the workers is not entirely effective.

It is possible that, in these cases, productivity levels drop and interpersonal conflicts increase. For this reason, Team Building activities aim to unite the team and work together to achieve a common purpose. The concept of team building, as its name suggests, consists of building a group through activities or games that allow members to become a true team.

Team Building activities aim to improve personal relationships in the team, which helps improve the work environment, worker happiness, and, consequently, productivity. In addition, they are indicated to increase workers’ creativity and improve time management.

Teamwork is essential in any organization, and for this reason, human resources departments organize activities that allow workers to form a group and get to know each other between the different departments. A work team with solid pillars will be able to respond quickly to new challenges that may arise and adapt effectively to changes.

Team Building is one of the best techniques to achieve the best work team and expected results.

The ultimate goal is to make the individuals in each group understand that their actions impact the team’s overall success. And it is that the activities of Team Building are raised in such a way that the members have to cooperate to achieve a common goal. Each partner depends on the other, and together they work as a perfect gear.

What Kind of Team Building Activities Are Organized?

Team building activities can be very different. We tell you some examples:

  • Activities abroad include participation in escape rooms, cooking competitions between different teams, sporting events, gymkhanas, paintball, etc…
  • Training workshops with a coach, corporate mindfulness workshops, Lego Design Thinking application, laughter therapy workshops, creative thinking, personal growth workshops, crisis management…
  • Corporate social responsibility activities in which employees feel involved in the company’s strategy and contribute to social improvement. For example, through tree planting activities or shared gardens…
  • Events within the office such as anniversary celebrations or the achievement of business objectives, creating workgroups with challenges or creating workspaces where ideas can be shared and common goals shared.

For the Team Building activity to be held successfully, the first step is to define the type of group to which each worker belongs, establish goals, and a strategy to follow.

What Advantages Does Team Building Bring?

  • Motivates the team and helps workers to be happier in their workplace by feeling recognized and valued
  • Improves leadership skills and the ability to delegate responsibilities
  • It favors the union between the companions, strengthening bonds through experiences.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within a team by looking at what is failing.
  • Improves communication between workers
  • Increases empathy and positive attitude
  • Promotes team spirit and belonging to a group
  •  Strengthens the brand image of the company
  • It encourages personal growth, increasing your creativity and your ability to solve problems through ingenuity.
  • Team Building activities help identify personality profiles, showing who feels more comfortable and safe occupying a specific role.
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