Three Types Of Search Queries You Should Know


Transactional, Informational and Navigational Searches – This Is Why Search Engines Categorize.

3.45 billion. That’s how many searches Google gets every day. By categorizing searches, Google and other search engines do the seemingly impossible task of getting all users to their destination.

But how exactly do Google and other search engines categorize the unlikely large number of search queries?

Search Queries Can Be Categorized In This Way.

Search engines like Google use keywords to categorize queries correctly. Of course, these are also called transactional, informational and navigation keywords.

These keywords give the search engine the necessary information about what users are looking for and what websites should be displayed.

We explain what this is all about

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Transactional Search – When You Want To Buy Something

Keywords such as “buy iPhone” and “order pizza” show that users are interested in a transaction, regardless of payment. Therefore, shops and manufacturer pages have displayed matching the keyword next to “buy” or “order”.

In our example, it would be “Pizza” or “iPhone”. The Apple shop or pizza restaurants near the user are displayed.

Navigational Search – When You Want Something Specific

Keywords such as “Library London” or “911” give notice to the tools that users * inside looking for something specific that they have in mind. You want to be navigated to a specific page.

In navigational searches, search engines only display what users want.

Informational Search – That’s What You Always Wanted To Know

The keywords such as “Abraham Lincoln” or “Microbiology” are obvious keywords that show the search engine that users are looking for information on this topic.

This category of queries also gave rise to the idea for Google and all of the following search engines. Find the right pages among the wealth of knowledge and pages on the web.


3.45 billion. By categorizing search queries, search engines can characterize your users. Conversely, this also means that you have to adapt your websites to the types of search categories and think about how users could find you.

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