Use Social Networks To Boost YOUR Freelance Activity


The number of freelancers is increasing day by day. Now more than ever, you need to stand out from your freelance competitors. And one of the most effective ways to achieve this is to ensure its presence on social networks. But to ensure that these can boost your business, there are a few rules that you must follow.

Target A Qualified Audience

The number of subscribers to your page does not count if they are not potential customers. Before you start, take the time to choose your audience carefully and make sure you target them. Even though buying likes and buying followers turn out to be great ideas for some purposes. If yours is to boost your freelance business, these are not the best alternatives. You need to ensure that the people who follow you are people who are genuinely interested in your activity. Also, ensure they want to know more about your products and services. Finally, prospects are people who can convert into potential customers. Once you have found the ideal client’s profile, you can put technical points to go directly to meet him.

Share Good Content

For future customers to say to themselves: “this person is an expert in his field,” you must share valuable content. The fact that you often talk about the latest in design proves that you follow the news and update yourself as a designer. When they look at your profile, your customers will be more reassured about your expertise and interest in your field of activity. The content you share must also speak to your customers and better respond to their problems. If you offer your services as a freelance photographer, you can, for example, share information on the main questions to ask your photographer before the big day. If you are a freelance caterer, give your subscribers a list of all the menu tendencies. In short, try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and make sure to offer them your expertise to help them.

Get Closer To Your Customers And Prospects.

It would help if you did not put a barrier between you and your customers. She must realize that you are an approachable person, that you are open, and that you have a good personality. The fact of not answering any message from your customers is already a bad point for you. Worse, failure to react to their comments can harm you. Communicating to them the latest assignments you have carried out, the latest collaborations, and the new offers and services you offer regularly is also a way of forging closer ties. Finally, also take the time to ask the opinion of your subscribers. Some of them are already your customers. Tell them to testify about your services. Others are not yet. Ask them what they would like you to offer them.

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