Video Conferencing Is A Communication Tool For Modern Organizations


Video conferencing is a modern and effective way of communication, increasingly used by organizations, both large and small and medium.

This tool allows you to optimize companies’ business activities, including reducing the costs associated with business trips for employees.

What Are The Benefits Of Implementing Video Conferencing?

Along with the development of telecommunications services, the number of organizations that implement modern video conferencing systems used by

  • in the processes of searching for new employees (interviews),
  • in employee training,
  • in conversations with clients and
  • in many other working moments.

Video conferencing service providers are indifferent to the size of the enterprise they serve, and the offer is relevant to the needs of both small and large enterprises.

Save Time And Cut Costs.

Reducing travel costs is one of the key benefits of implementing video conferencing in businesses.

Thanks to this video format, it is possible to reduce the cost of booking hotels, paying for conference rooms, and maintaining other means of communication. You can also reduce the trips themselves, especially to other countries.

The cost of implementing a video conferencing system is recovered in a brief period.

Increasing labor Productivity

A well-chosen tool affects the quality of the work performed, thus improving the results achieved by the team.

Employees of companies implementing a video conferencing system can contact each other anytime and anywhere, even within the same institution, which reduces the time for discussion, coordination and implementation of many actions that require consultation or expert support.

Thanks to this, the implementation of projects and other working moments is much faster and more efficient.

Improving Communication In The Enterprise

The video format improves the interaction between employees and represents an excellent tool for communication within the entire company.

Videoconferencing can successfully replace regular board meetings and make it easier for employees to communicate orders from senior executives.

This video communication also improves the company’s connection with people outside the office. Thanks to this, employees who work remotely feel like a part of the organization, not cut off from it – this has a positive effect on their loyalty to the employer.

Effective Teamwork

In the age of digitization and the dynamic development of corporations, innovative ideas and high-tech projects often arise from international consultations of specialists from different fields.

The introduction of video conferencing in the company allows you to gather and unite individuals in collaboration, regardless of their geographical location. Providing the design team with high-quality communications improves their efficiency.

In addition, a company that invests in new technologies is perceived as a modern and innovative employer, which not only attracts the best employees but also affects the entire team’s motivation.

And vice versa, a more significant number of trips instead of video conferences means incomparably higher expenses for transport, the same communication, hotels, and cultural programs that often accompany such offline meetings of employees from different regions.

And where are the guarantees that one or several such “personal” meetings will not turn out to be ineffective, that some issues prepared in advance will not be worked out?

Mistakes in the preparation of video conferences are also not excluded. Still, their price is much lower, both in terms of money and in immeasurably greater reputational terms, when many essential employees will be “torn off their seats”, sent to a meeting that, God forbid, will not produce the expected result.

While any video conference can be easily repeated later without damaging the company’s reputation and its employees.

In general, everything proves the importance and usefulness of video conferencing in the work of companies of any size. Hence the widespread use of such tools in actual business.

Video Conferencing via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts

Many software products allow you to organize video conferencing.

Another well-known service is Google Hangouts, which allows instant messaging and video conferencing. Developed by Google and released in May 2013. Located at:

Even Skype, which has already become familiar, allows you to do this for a small number of participants: from 2 to 5. More is possible, but there is no guarantee that the connection will work stably since Skype is mainly for video calls from one subscriber to another.

Nevertheless, even in Skype, you can create a group, add, say, 4-5 participants to it, future participants in the video conference, and connect them all at the same time for free (!) at the right pre-set time.

Each member of this group will see all the other members, hear them, speak so that everyone can listen. As if everyone is next to each other at the same table.

In addition, Skype allows you to show all participants in the video conference the desktop of any computers connected to the discussion.

One of the five computers connected has presentations that need to be shown and commented on at the conference. Then the one who works at this computer during a video conversation opens up access to a demonstration of his desktop.

From now on, all connected computers will automatically receive a picture from the desktop of this computer. And now it is enough to launch a presentation on this computer, and all participants in the video conference will see it.

Interestingly, the images of the conference participants will also remain, but they will turn into small screens that do not interfere with the perception of the broadcast information.

Skype, of course, does not solve all the issues required for an actual full-scale video conference. But our businesses are different.

Someone is running a massive business with several dozen or even hundreds of geographically distributed branches. In this case, it is desirable to use professional programs for organizing and conducting video conferences with a large number of participants at the same time.

On the other hand, we have a lot of small businesses where 2-5 participants in a video conference are more than enough. Then the free Skype is quite suitable.

About The Internet And Technology For video Conferencing

For any, both paid and free programs for video conferencing, you need a good Internet connection, a good Internet connection for all computers based on which the conference is formed.

Slow Internet, working with interruptions and freezes, is not suitable for video conferencing. The reason is simple – for the transmission of video signals, you need a reasonable bandwidth of information transmission channels, you need a good Internet.

Just as weak computers are not suitable for Skype. Technology and communication must be excellent and at their best in a company that wants to use modern technologies that simplify communications and promote business development.

In conclusion, it remains only to repeat that the video format of communication, videoconferencing as a means of intra-corporate communications, and external communications are already a reality. It is modern and very promising.

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