Digitization – A Thoughtful Path To Growth


Digitization should not start from a company’s current vision but from a deep reflection on the company we want to be. They need to be prepared to approach projects from an innovative perspective.

Although the door to the digitalization of companies was opened years ago, the processes of penetration and technological evolution that they have experienced have been gradual. They have allowed them to approach their projects from different perspectives. However, it is important not to focus on the objectives to be achieved, growth, closing business strategies from more open configurations.

This invites us to reflect on four interdependent areas: experience, technology, space and business.

The experience encompasses that of the clients and that of the company’s workers. We must think about how we want to transform the processes, the organization, the profiles, and the consumer experience. One of the developments our process orchestration and automation platform. Thanks to this tool, we can generate great efficiencies in the time spent by the teams, eliminating repetitive tasks in favor of quality time. In addition, we offer our clients our Acxiom technology and its Real IdentityTM, a solution that allows us to unify the identity of its users using both online and offline data,

In turn, technology advances so fast that it is essential to have flexible technological stacks that allow us to propose agile changes and almost native integrations between tools. Scalability is also a critical factor to consider, and speed, both in operations and processing, is increasingly a competitive advantage.

The space: where and when we interact with our users. From a media point of view, it is obvious that connected TV, the digitized exterior or personalized digital advertising itself are examples of how certain businesses have been transformed. In addition, after the announcement of Cookieless, this takes on special significance for the generation of relevant experiences in a secure environment.

Last but not least, the business, despite being the most obvious area, is often relegated to the background because it is perhaps the most complex area. However, it is the one that can generate more joy if it is faced with creativity and innovation. For a client in the retail sector, the obvious digital transformation is to sell through a marketplace or eCommerce. However, what if we think of new business models?

Companies cannot stop reinventing themselves to respond to consumer demands. For this, forming a leading team that leads the company to that much-needed transformation every day is essential. In the end, almost all the success of companies and our work lies in the fight for talent.

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