What is Virtual Phone Numbers to Receive SMS Online?

Do you want to stay anonymous online? Are you afraid of telecoms selling your info out to scammers and spammers? worry no more. SMS-MAN got you covered, verify any website or application online using our virtual numbers and keep your identity protected.

Advantages of using SMS-MAN

  • The website is fully automated, so you will get SMS instantly at any time of the day or night.
  • Sms-man offers to receive SMS to a virtual phone number for signing up for more than 500 popular services on the most beneficial terms.
  • They’re a huge help as they can bypass Geo-restrictions and other restrictions. They can make it seem like you are in a different country when messaging someone or registering with a service. If someone was in one country and they wanted to contact someone from another country then they can get a one-time disposable number from that country and make it look like they are calling or messaging locally from that country
  • Create online unlimited online accounts. You will need a phone number to sign up for popular social media and messengers. With virtual numbers, you can do it without your private phone number and create a lot of fake accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Bumble, etc.
  • Cheapest Price for virtual numbers in the world. The lowest prices on the market, intelligent design, and efficient service are the key features of SMS-man.

SMS verification service from SMS-MAN

Fortunately, SMS-MAN can provide a 24/7 live SMS activate service that is there for everyone who wishes. Rather than have to buy an additional SIM card for your phone when you would rather be at home with the family or out with your friends you can now get virtual numbers online within minutes through one of professional-based SMS verification service.

How does SMS-Man work?

You can register to sms-man with ease and anywhere without identity verification, all you need is a valid email and password.
They have fantastic 24/7 customer support, you can email them at info@sms-man.com or you can join their Telegram group if you have any questions or enquiries.
They have different types of payment methods for users to fund their individual accounts such as cryptocurrency, AliPay, Visa/MasterCard, Payeer and WeChat.

Amazing and Unique features of SMS-MAN

SMS-Man offer the feature to rent mobile numbers for many countries, this will allow you to receive multiple messages for one number until the rent period expires! They allow you to rent for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum amount of 3 months!

They also offer another amazing feature blog, you don’t need to get confuse using SMS-MAN, you can visit their blog for guides and tutorials

How can I contact SMS-MAN?

Website: Buy a temporary virtual number for online SMS verification

Telegram: SMS-MAN

Email info@sms-man

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