Big Data – A Key Element Of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Big Data has become one of the key factors today. And it is that with the evolution of digital systems and new habits of thinking and living digitally 24 hours a day, the online world has become a refuge where everything resides: the infinity of personal data, information, images, videos, texts, essays, news … EVERYTHING. If you want to learn more about Big Data, check out ProjectPro Solved End-to-End Big Data Projects with Source Code.

All these data are very valid for companies since all of the conclusions can be drawn regarding user behavior in a sales process, knowing the tastes of a group of people according to specific personal data, etc.

Therefore, the concept of Big Data was born.

BigData is a set of data that cannot be captured, managed, processed, and analyzed with conventional database, visualization, and statistical technologies. The goal of Big Data is to turn that data into useful information.

But, due to its nature and complexity, there are many challenges it faces.

The 5 V’s of Big Data


The evolution of technology and digitization has grown at all levels. Currently, there is an infinite amount of data traveling from one place to another in the digital universe. We are talking about a massive volume that is generated automatically every thousandth of a second. All this volume poses significant technical and analytical challenges for those who manage it.


Data flows non-stop, it is generated from many different points. The great challenge of BigData is to manage them without leaving them out of date. Companies must react very quickly to collect data and store and process it optimally and on time.


When we talk about data, we are not referring only to texts, information with words, etc. the data comes in different formats and through different platforms, such as cameras, mobiles, or social networks.
Depending on these characteristics, the data has one structure or another. The job of BigData is to order, classify and structure all this data (with each other). It is one more challenge that Big Data faces.


All the previous points indicate the great quantity and variety of data that exist in very short periods of time. Any person and company can access the online world and generate information. This aspect causes a certain distrust of these data.
Companies have a very important task of managing and filtering this data to offer reliable and quality information. They have to ensure that everything collected is valid and helps them achieve their objectives.
Due to the existing variety, many data arrive incomplete and incorrectly, since they are received from different countries and in different formats.
The challenge of BigData is to analyze and clean it.


Data once converted into information, generates value. They offer relevant information to companies that allow them to define strategies, improve management and make personalized offers, among others.
Therefore, this characteristic is considered one of the most relevant aspects of BigData.

The role of Big Data in Industry 4.0

Once the concept of Big Data is understood in our day today, we are going to know its role and importance in the industry.

The connected industry has evolved a lot. There are many technologies immersed in factories to make automation take place.

Production processes work thanks to technologies such as the internet of things, sensor technology, or machine learning. All of these technologies are continually generating data.
This is where the importance of BigData lies. Collecting that data and turning it into information is your real challenge.

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