Landing Pages And The Right Design For More Leads


Landing pages are websites that advertise specific products, services or promotions. There are many different types and designs of pages, but not all of them serve their purpose. Often, too long forms are created, which is why users often fail to complete and cancel. Longer forms don’t have to be wrong, but they have to fit the product. B2B customers are ready to fill out lengthy forms than customers in B2C, for example.

Four Reasons Why Landing Pages Are Worthwhile & Why You Should Use Them

  1. With these pages, you can answer specific user questions about a specific product. Customers find the correct information for their questions, but they also take one step further in their customer journey.
  2. This way, you can also sell your product on this page or collect contact information. Because while prospects learn information about your product, they gain confidence in the company and are more willing to buy.
  3. You can also provide more detailed information via a download. When selling machines, for example, you can provide the technical data via a simple download button. 
  4. In addition, landing pages can with clear thematic orientations and achieve the associated keyword density and better rankings through search engine optimization (SEO) or Google Ads the performance and improve click-through rates.

The Right Design – Does It Even Exist?

The right landing page design for all purposes does not exist. Each page must be tailored to the respective company, its target group and its products. It is unnecessary to create the most eye-catching or “gaudy” design in terms of colour because if the interested parties are on your side, you no longer have to attract attention but rather maintain it.

You should always ask yourself whether the campaign is only planned seasonally or at short notice and should therefore differ from the corporate identity (CI). In most cases, however, this is not the case, so compliance with the CI is recommended.

It is also about allowing interested parties to interact with you and your side. This means that they provide easy-to-process information through bullet points and highlighting your USPs. Videos can also keep interested parties on your site longer and motivate them to talk.


As already described, there is no such thing as the right design for all landing pages. As soon as you are clear about your target group and the campaign in general, it is a matter of creating a relevant page that, in the best case, leads to high conversion.

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