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You can enjoy conversations with a chatbot based on the latest artificial intelligence. We will show you how to do it by installing ChatGPT on WhatsApp.

Artificial intelligence has reached our devices to make our lives easier. We have good proof of this with ChatGPT and its practical applications through the web browser, which we can also use on our mobile phones. 

There is no doubt that the most outstanding and attractive option is found in its integration with WhatsApp. If you are interested in chatting with an intelligent system, we will explain how to install and use ChatGPT with the popular messaging service.


ChatGPT is a language model that OpenAI has developed. In the last few weeks, he has gotten on everyone’s lips for his impressive ability to understand contexts and create responses fluidly. The conversations that are generated are natural.

But what does it mean that ChatGPT can have natural conversations? It means that this tool can understand the full meaning of a question or statement and respond accordingly. This makes it possible for us to talk with this language model on any topic and get coherent and useful answers. 

Some practical uses of ChatGPT : 

  • Grammar and spelling correction
  • Summary of texts
  • Translation and language learning support (available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese, among others)
  • Generation of ideas: for an article, a recipe, a story, planning a trip… In short, everything that comes to mind. 

It is important to remember that ChatGPT still has limitations and bugs in its current operation and can sometimes generate responses that are not entirely correct. ChatGPT does not connect to the internet, so the information it provides is up to 2021. This does not affect, for example, if we ask you for more creative ideas, such as a title for a new movie. Still, it is advisable to check the information you give us on more specific topics (history, science, etc.) with a reliable source. 

The best thing about this type of development based on artificial intelligence is that they are constantly evolving and perfected as they are integrated into more practical applications. So, the more we use it, the faster it updates and learns.


The operation of ChatGPT in WhatsApp is so simple that once installed, we interact with its chatbot as if it were another contact.

  • To be able to join ChatGPT with WhatsApp, we will need to use the website “God in a Box” (godinabox. co/) 
  • In it, we must identify ourselves with a Google account to immediately associate our telephone number (it is necessary to indicate the country or the international code).
  • In WhatsApp, we will be asked to verify the phone with a message that consists of “!verify + mail”, thus ensuring that it is the user. 
  • Next, a page will open where you must fill in the user profile. With this, we will be done, and it will be possible to start using ChatGPT in WhatsApp.


Among the uses that ChatGPT can be given in WhatsApp are simple conversation, the examples we have already mentioned, and the writing of messages, emails, or any type of text. Mathematical problems can be solved; we can request menus for the whole week and even ask for cultural or leisure content recommendations, such as movies, music, or literature.

Some details we should know: First, once configured, we can use it both on the mobile and from the web version. Second, ChatGPT on WhatsApp has a usage limit in its free version, which consists of sending messages every 10 seconds and 40 messages per month.


This integration of ChatGPT in a messaging app is a fantastic practical example of artificial intelligence in our mobiles. Still, many more innovations are already integrated, and we are using them daily:

  • Personalization and adaptation to our habits. Phones learn from our tastes and check the most used applications, with which they manage to propose content recommendations and shortcuts.
  • Improve performance. By studying how the phone is used, it is possible to optimize the hardware and achieve greater efficiency, gaining autonomy.
  • The cameras are the main beneficiaries. Artificial intelligence helps to improve all kinds of shots by recognizing the scenes and type of photography we take and consequently adapting the camera’s characteristics.
  • Translations in real-time. Artificial intelligence is integrated when we use text translation applications, even those based on augmented reality, or perform a real-time translation of a conversation.
  • Voice assistants. They are users’ most widespread and well-known examples, demonstrating how a machine can understand our speech and the context in which we make queries.
  • The security of our phone. Facial recognition requires a lot of processing power, and machine learning improves the accuracy when creating models and comparing them.

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