How To Create An Effective Brochure For Marketing


A special event, a promotion, a new opening, the launch of a product or a service, the arrival of a new collection … there are many reasons to decide to print a brochure. But how can you create a truly effective leaflet, which knows how to impress potential customers who will look at it? How can you create a brochure that can seduce the customer and lead him to action? In this post, we will show you how to create an engaging brochure that is capable of selling!

Brevity And Immediacy

The brochure must strike immediately, at first glance: we are not talking about a book that a person deliberately decides to read until the end, in which the twist or the highlight can arrive after hundreds of pages. No, here we are talking about a promotional leaflet that, already from the cover, must capture the user’s attention.

And that’s not all: with a few lines and a few images, it must tell a distracted reader the essence of the brand and its products – or its services. Speeches that are too long should therefore be avoided, to instead give space to highly explanatory and effective sentences, capable of persuading the reader.

Think About Who Should Read Your Brochure

Who is, or rather, how is your ideal customer? Are we talking about college students or housewives? A promotional message must be created with the target audience in mind. The promotional leaflet of disco, in fact, must not have the same style or the same tone as the leaflet of a cookware shop: the ideal customer, in fact, is totally different, and therefore the leaflet must also be different.

Get Out Of The Choir

Whatever your industry and niche, you most likely weren’t the first to have the idea of ​​printing custom brochures. In fact, maybe your direct competitor did it not long ago. Do you think this is a good reason to change your strategy? No: what you have to do is instead respond with your own original brochure, different from those that are usually used in your sector, so as to make those of your competitors seem trivial and cheap.

The non-conventionality, when it comes to advertising, it is always a plus! Use different formats for your brochures, choose a heavier weight paper, in short, amaze your audience: you will see that in this way your brochure will receive all the attention it deserves.

Consistently Combine Text & Images

An effective brochure knows how to intelligently and consistently mix images and textual parts. The images must therefore reflect what is reported by the text, also giving the right atmosphere to the promotional message: do not forget that the images – compared to the text – are fixed in a much more lasting way in people’s memory!

Give The Customer The Opportunity To Learn More

A mistake that many make the first few times they make brochures is not to put readers in a position to be able to deepen what is reported in the leaflet. As anticipated, the content of a brochure must be concise and essential, and for this reason, it must be accompanied by an invitation to visit the official website of the company, so as to have further information.

Of course, that’s not all: an effective brochure must also include your company’s phone number and email address. And if you want to show yourself in step with the times, positively amaze the audience by also inserting a QR Code!

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