How To Retain Talented Staff?


Knowing how to retain talented staff should be a top priority for any company. Having a happy employee will make them work better, identify with the company and have greater productivity.

A disgruntled employee is going to leave the company as soon as he has the opportunity, but the time he is there will work worse and, probably, give a worse service to our customers.

Yes, customer satisfaction comes first, but for this to arrive, worker satisfaction is paramount.

It is the employees who make a company succeed—the ones who will keep the business when that customer leaves.

Therefore, they must always be the priority of any employer.

Stay With The Best And Help Them Be The Best.

When a new worker arrives at a company, it is difficult for his performance to be perfect.

Even if you have already performed the tasks assigned to you many times, you will have to learn and adapt to the company culture, know how to deal with customers and suppliers, and find your space in the work team.

Veteran workers, who have already been through that, are vital pieces to improve the integration of new team members.

They have already been able to identify strengths, weaknesses, and even tricks that facilitate the usual procedures.

In many cases, when a new employee joins, they work as mentors, helping them adjust to the company.

It usually is the person directly responsible, but it can also be someone who does not report now.

In a crisis, they will also be better prepared to deal with it.

There is indeed an essential part of natural talent when it comes to approaching a problematic situation. Still, that lack of skill can be completely alleviated with experience in similar cases.

If a company can’t afford to pay the best in its field, it can help its team improve through experience, training, and employee satisfaction.

When an employee feels loved, they give their best. Sometimes someone who does their best can outperform the most excellent expert in a particular field.

In a company without veteran workers, mistakes are made repeatedly, and there is simply no room for learning.

If our veteran workers are also great, letting them go to the competition is simply a mistake we cannot make.

Identify With The Company

Every entrepreneur wants his team to see his company as their own. Not surprisingly, they are the best ambassadors a brand can have, and it is what we call Employer Branding.

If an employee speaks badly of a company, he will likely lose customers.

The potential client who listens to you will think that there is no one more qualified to recommend or not a service or product than someone who does it from within.

On the contrary, when an employee is happy with his work and is confident in what he does, it will be like a commercial that does not have to be paid. He will recommend the services of your company whenever he has the opportunity.

With the passion that only sincerity gives. And, as Lola Flores said, the brightness of the eyes cannot be operated.

On the contrary, if the worker leaves because he is not happy, he will not go alone. They will talk badly about the company and, on many occasions, also take away part of the customers.

If we are already clear on why we want to know how to retain talented people, let’s look at the best ways to do so.

Because yes, having veteran employees who work well and identify with the company is excellent, but we don’t always know how to do it.

We may think we are doing the right thing, yet the retention rates are not what we expected. If we identify the problem, we have to act.

Next, we develop a series of points that can help us achieve it.

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Make An Employee Map

It is one of the latest trends in human resources. The employee experience map, employer experience, or employee map helps give the worker what they need to be comfortable in their job.

The HR team will have to define a map with what is offered to the worker, from the company’s value proposition to concrete actions to improve your experience.

As important as that is establishing a way to measure results.

With big data tools, we can consider all the particularities of each case. Employees want to be recognized as different individuals.

It is HR’s task to consider the motivations and characteristics of each one beyond their knowledge.

As experts say, there is nothing more unfair than treating all employees equally.

Each one has specific interests and needs, and the idea is to adapt.

The employee map must be completely personalized. The objective is to offer the worker a journey that motivates him and makes you want to stay with the company and contribute as much as possible.

Let him see that the company adapts to him and strives to give him a unique and enriching experience.

Pay According To Work

Salary is the most important aspect for which a worker changes jobs.

This is stated in the Randstad Employer Branding Report, which highlights salary compared to other decisive options such as family conciliation or flexibility.

An employee paid below the average in his sector will want to change whenever possible.

The same happens if you do unpaid overtime or are officially hired for less than the hours you do, charging the rest in the black.

In addition to being illegal and a danger for any employer, this situation will make the worker want to change to another place where all the hours he works are listed and may even denounce the company when he gets a new position.

To avoid this, it is possible to contract a presence control service with us to adapt the company to the new mandatory regulation of time control.

Even when he is paid what corresponds to his position according to the agreement, the worker mustn’t feel stagnant.

The feeling of stagnation is why another 30% decide to change jobs, especially when the company is doing well.

For any employee, it is frustrating to see how an improvement in the company’s turnover achieved thanks to their work does not correspond to an increase in salary.

Reviewing salary annually whenever possible is a handy way to retain talented workers.

Sometimes, it is thought that these reviews are too expensive for the company, but the reality is that if the worker leaves. We have to train another from scratch, and in the end, the process will be more expensive (by reducing our productivity) than if we assume the raise your salary.

Another solution is to offer flexible compensation with childcare, public transport, gym, food checks, etc … This does not increase the company’s salary expense and allows the worker to save taxes.

There is the possibility of making a counteroffer and matching conditions when the worker has informed us of his decision.

However, this is only a temporary patch. If you don’t have the right incentives, there will come a time when you will say goodbye to us again.

Offer Other Benefits

What if we want to pay more but can’t do it? In these cases, other benefits must be offered to compensate the worker for staying with the company.

On many occasions, flexible hours or telecommuting are more valued than a higher salary.
Having better family conciliation and knowing that you will be covered if you need to take your child to the doctor, work from home. At the same time, their flu lasts or, not put, problems with vacation dates, it will have more value than the salary increase that they can offer you in another company that does not have those conditions.

Here are some other benefits that can help you retain talent.

Stock Packages Of The Company With Permanence

If we work in a limited company, there is a beneficial formula for workers to want to stay, and it is about offering packages of shares with permanence.

If the worker stays in the company for a certain period, he will get a variable number of shares.

As the company goes, the more value those shares will have. In this way, you are not only given an economic incentive, but you are also motivated.

The better the company is doing, the more money it can get from selling the shares. It is a win-win strategy in which the company and the employee win.

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Offer Training Programs For Employees.

Training is another fundamental point for the retention of workers. Staying in the same position for a long time can give a feeling of rust and stagnation.

However, if we encourage workers to train, that feeling will disappear.

Not only will they be able to prepare for internal promotion, but they will also be able to take on new tasks.

When we are on our way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, hand in hand with big data and AI, assuming new skills is crucial for any worker.

New jobs are emerging at the speed of light, and continuing training is the only way to meet the latest requirements. Whether he stays or not, the worker will be a competitive advantage for the future.

It will allow the company to stay ahead of events and prevent the competition from gaining ground.

In this sense, we must point out the subsidized training. This type of training is free for both the employee and the company, subsequently deducted from their social benefits.

Do Team-Building Activities

Finally, another way to retain talent is to do team-building activities.

Translated as team building, team building reinforces personal relationships and trust within a work team.

Through different games and activities, it is possible to increase fundamental skills for developing work such as active listening, leadership, or the feeling of belonging.

A cohesive team not only has higher productivity but also works happier.

In the end, the primary key to knowing how to retain talented staff is that the employee is happy and wants to go to their job every day.

Getting along with your team and feeling supported by it is crucial to achieving this.

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