What Are The Best Times To Upload Content To Instagram?


There is an excellent conspiracy about what time is good to upload a photo to Instagram. What do we mean? Well, even though there are studies on the best days or hours to upload content to Instagram, the reality is that it will depend a lot on your community and your product, and they will be the ones who set these standards.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and, as Jack said, let’s go in parts…

Why is it important to know what time most people connect to Instagram? Because, as we already told you in this article on how to have more followers, this social network has changed its algorithm again, and how does that affect us? Our publication will be shown to fewer people. 

Instagram will show your post to more people during its first two hours of life. If that post has received enough impact, it will continue to display. Otherwise, fewer and fewer users will be impacted. If you have managed to publish your photo on Instagram at the right time, your image will have greater visibility.

So… What time is good to upload a photo to Instagram? We will now tell you the most widespread beliefs or studies, but the best thing is that you do your analysis based on your community.

How To Know What Time My Followers Connect On Instagram?

If you are a brand and have created a profile for professionals on Instagram, you will access some statistics. In the audience part, you can see if the people who have interacted with your account in the last 7 or 30 days, depending on the time filter you have established, are men or women, from which cities or countries they have seen you at what time slot age they belong and, most important of all, what days of the week have you had more interaction on your Instagram account, even at what specific times have you had a peak of visibility.

Once you have collected all this valuable information, you must create a publication plan. We recommend that you compare several weeks to be able to establish a rule.

Define a period. Are you going to try a month, two weeks, …? Based on the results of your analysis, establish the days you will publish and the hours at which you are going to publish. You can do some tests with the days that showed you less interaction to corroborate that data, but do not use the publications that interest you the most to do this test. Imagine that it is true that your Instagram community is not active on those days or at those times, and you have consumed two publications that you love.

Now that you have your own rules, you can impact more users by knowing the best times to post content on Instagram.

The Best Times To Upload Content To Instagram

If all of the above fails you, we leave you the pre-established hours based on studies or the analysis that others have done. Although you already know that what works for some doesn’t have to work for others, that’s why it’s super important that you make your plan.

There are indeed certain hours when there are more people on Instagram, as a matter of logic. Stop seeing your habits because you are a consumer of the content published by others in addition to having your account. Truth? Well, when you likely enter Instagram, most people in a situation similar to yours do so: studies, work, children… Here are the keys. You have to know your audience to know what time they will be on Instagram.

But, in general terms, we can say that the best times to post on Instagram are:

  • 7 – 9 am: At this time, we are dawning, and we are anxious to see what has happened in the online world while we sleep. We take advantage of breakfast time or the journey to work, university or the children’s school (obviously if you are not the one driving…) to update our social networks, gossip on Instagram, or check the mail. So yes, posting at this time on Instagram is a great idea.
  • 12 – 2 pm: Break time or lunchtime arrives. This time slot is the most flexible because not everyone has time to make that break at noon, and not everyone stops to eat at the same time. But hey, as you will see, these hours again coincide with a drop in daily activity and, hence, it becomes an excellent time to post your content on Instagram. Indeed, the study that we have recommended you do before your profile will help you refine this time slot better.
  • 19 – 21 pm: This time slot coincides with leaving work and having dinner. Although studies indicate it is an excellent time to post content on Instagram, we have our reservations. Surely before turning off the light, do one last review of your social networks and update them. As a brand, it is a bit strange that you publish at 10 pm, but perhaps you can do some tests with your stories. 

We leave you a guide with the content that works best on Instagram and the content you never have to publish if you want to survive on this social network. We hope we have resolved some of your doubts about the best time to post on Instagram, and we encourage you to draw up your time plan of attack.

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