WhatsApp Business – Advantages, Strategies, and Uses


WhatsApp Business. Advantages, Strategies, and Uses for companies [+ ebook].
WhatsApp Business, or the same: ” WhatsApp for companies, “is the new boom in terms of platforms. As a marketing channel, it has great potential that you should not overlook.

Don’t miss this post if you want to take advantage of all its advantages and be the first in your sector to sell or contact clients by WhatsApp.

I promise to tell you some ideas and tricks to succeed.

How To Use WhatsApp For Your Business

First of all, you should know that WhatsApp Business is designed exclusively for companies and that, therefore, it is not the application that you usually use with family or friends.

Company chats are specified in the application profile, along with a small summary of the activity and the sector to which they belong.

If you still do not have WhatsApp Business, my recommendation is that you download the ebook where I tell you how to create your company profile. It is an excellent guide for beginners where you will find information on how it works and what it is for.

If you already have it downloaded, it is time to know how to use WhatsApp Business professionally. To do this, you will need to draw up a marketing strategy that leads you to win customers, provide a better service or communicate the available offers of the day.

But first, let me tell you something about its advantages and why it seems like the perfect tool for you.

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Advantages of Direct Chat

Chat is one of the best tools for contacting customers, not only because of its direct treatment or proximity but also because of its immediacy. And in this case, WhatsApp is the best-known and most used chat application in the world.

Who does not know how to handle this application? It does not matter if you are 20 or 60 years old. You likely have WhatsApp installed on your mobile and use it daily.

In addition, there is no advertising saturation, and those on your contact list show absolute interest in your products or services. They are there because they have given their consent and are willing to receive information from your company (I’ll tell you how to do this below.

Statistics show that customers prefer that companies contact them through text messages or chat and only be telephoned if strictly necessary or upon request by the user.

During the COVID confinement, shops and small businesses have used WhatsApp to communicate offers, receive orders, or launch commercial proposals to their trusted customers.

Last year, you may have received a message from your neighborhood fishmonger advertising their flagship product. And if you have not received it yet, you should know that it will be quite common very soon.

But Then … is WhatsApp Business only For Small Businesses And Local Businesses?


WhatsApp Business is for all types of companies and professionals, regardless of their size or business model. But it is true that depending on the resources you have in your business and the strategy used, and you will be able to expand its advantages and opt for greater possibilities.

For example, some software companies already offer WhatsApp integration services with a CRM, such as Zoho, to manage the lists and messages sent more easily. This type of aid works very well when you are a large company and need speed in management.

However, if your company is small, you make few monthly shipments, and you do not want to make a large investment in WhatsApp Business, you can manage it yourself from your panel with some basic notions.

Thanks to the API, remember that you can use WhatsApp on your desktop computer, much more comfortable than doing it from your mobile or tablet.

Strategy For Company Chat

Now, it is time to talk about the uses we can give it and what strategy to carry out in our company to succeed with WhatsApp Business.

1. WhatsApp as a Branding Strategy

The simple fact of using WhatsApp Business as a tool to enhance the brand’s memory (branding) is already very positive in transmitting values ​​of closeness and modernity.

With chat, it will be easier to communicate and humanize the brand. Use it to deliver the most important news of your company or share interesting publications that reinforce its digital reputation.

2. WhatsApp To Improve Customer Service

In the same way that the Web Chats or live chats can be seen on many Web or eCommerce pages, WhatsApp fulfills the same function.

You can integrate specific WhatsApp plugins or modules to improve the best user experience during the purchase process. In this way, you will answer all the doubts that arise and give an immediate response to the client.

3. WhatsApp To Sell

Selling through chat has many advantages. You will connect with clients informally, gaining trust, and this will allow you to know first-hand their likes and interests / what their problems or frustrations are. You can adapt the offer and give a more personalized treatment to the sale.

Integrating calls to action from Facebook Ads with Click to WhatsApp ads and combined with customer service such as pre-sale and post-sale support is perfect if you have an eCommerce.

4. WhatsApp For Internal Communication

Companies are increasingly turning to WhatsApp chat to communicate with their employees and exchange job information. One way to ensure that the message gets through is to read and get quick feedback.

Maintenance companies, who provide repair services or professional installers who must have direct communication between the office and their technicians, WhatsApp has changed their lives.

5. WhatsApp For HR and Talent Recruitment

A breakdown of the above is using WhatsApp for job hunting, talent management, and chatting with profiles. Many HR departments prefer WhatsApp over other classic alternatives because, with this chat, they reach people over 50 years of age, difficult to impact through other channels.

6. WhatsApp To Communicate And Build Loyalty

It is not crazy to think that WhatsApp can be another channel for sending newsletters and messages that trust customers. It bears many similarities with Email Marketing and even complements this strategy.

7. WhatsApp For Marketing

The impact of chat as a channel is much more effective in promoting certain products, especially for those with a very young profile and who do not use email daily. That is why WhatsApp is ideal for marketing campaigns, to the point of spending all the efforts and advertising budgets in this medium.

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